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About Us

About FOREX MMCIS group dealing center FOREX MMCIS group foundation was initiated in 2007 by "MMCIS investments" investment fund.
In the course of MMCIS investments Fund’s work it appeared that many people wanted to make their own decisions, manage their risks and profits themselves. That is why it was decided to create a separate branch offering opportunities of working in FOREX market. Later, this branch became FOREX MMCIS group Dealing Center.
The Company President is Mitchell Nunis, a professional trader.
Mitchell Nunis

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am happy to welcome you to FOREX MMCIS group Company’s website.
Moreover, I am sure you will like being with us, because we do everything possible for our cooperation to be simple and most profitable for you!
I control the quality of the service we offer personally, and consider all criticism as for my employees’ work. This very approach to company management makes our dealing center the best. But you will know it for yourself when you decide to make money with FOREX MMCIS group.
If in the subject of the letter that you send to our support service you specify “for Mitchell Nunis”, you can be sure that I will read it personally and will solve all of your questions. You can be sure that working with us you will receive top quality service! We are used to performing our work honestly and this is why over 100,000 registered traders worldwide trust us.
Our Company has been in the International foreign exchange market since 2007, and it has shown itself in the professional circles as a reliable partner that has always followed its mission and high principles. Our number one priority is providing service of an exclusive quality and achieving the best financial results for our clients.
Our clients are, in fact, our partners. Together, we act as associates, resolving same tasks. My own trading account is right next to yours, and it is served likewise. We always strive for perfection, and our goal is to stay the very best. Striving for perfection makes us shift the borders of traditional thinking of Forex market participants’ and always search for new ways of improving our service to you.
Anyone, having even the basic knowledge of the Internet, can make a fortune. And we endeavour to do everything possible to help you in this!
Best regards,
FOREX MMCIS group Company President
Mitchell Nunis
Company’s mission: is to provide opportunities for people to work in Forex market in a reliable dealing center of the world level!

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